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Temple Beth Israel, Niagara Falls 1898 - 2012

The Sanctuary (College Avenue)

The sculpture of the Sh'nei Luchot haBrit (Two Tablets of the Covenant - the tablets of the Ten Commandments) was designed by Temple member Mimi Schiff . Although several of the commandments are represented by the initial lamed, no two lameds are identical. This suggests the changing postures of those in prayer.

Left of the bimah is the B'reishit pyramid, also designed by Mimi Schiff. This sculpture now appears in the Jewish Community Center in Amherst.

The parochet (curtain in front of the ark) represents the miracle of the Burning Bush, when G-d spoke the Hebrew words shown, E-hiyeh asher e-hiyeh (I will be that which I will be) (Exodus 3:14), to Moses. The parochet was designed and constructed by a committee of Temple members.

Donors'  and building plaques




Ark and dedication plaque, preserved from the congregation's earlier Cedar Avenue building. Photos by Jeffrey Pasler

More photos by Jeffrey Pasler

External view

"Congregation" mosaic

Sanctuary from back left

Stained glass

Tablets and parochet

Torah scrolls

Sanctuary from back right

History of the Congregation - scanned pages

Fundraising campaign booklet for construction of the College Avenue building, 1965 (ad pages not included)

Dedication of the College Avenue building, 1968

Program for dedication of the College Avenue building, 1968

100th anniversary, 1998 (ad pages not included) - Jack A. Gellman, ed.

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