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Temple Beth Tzedek does not use a traditional "dues" system.

Q: Why have we changed from the traditional membership dues system? 

A: Temple Beth Tzedek is not a membership organization like a country club or a Kiwanis. We are a synagogue, following ancient traditions in pursuit of a sacred mission.  The goal of membership dues is to be able to pay our bills, so that we can do the holy work for which we came into being. Dues were never intended to define who is in and who is not.  Our Pledge System is designed to give as many people as possible the opportunity to support our mission because they recognize the importance of what we do.  The Board of Directors will no longer establish an amount you must pay in dues  No longer will anyone be asked to provide personal and private financial information to justify a dues level below the amount established by the Board. We are grateful for all you are able to do to maintain the synagogue. 

Q: What is the Sustaining Pledge? 

A: We need to raise sufficient funds to meet our operating budget, which is well under the national average for a synagogue of our size.  We estimate that if each member paid the Sustaining Pledge – see the family application or individual application form for current figures – we will be able to pay our bills. We recognize that some will not be able to pay the sustaining level, and that’s OK.  We also hope there will be others who step up to the honors categories by paying more than the Sustaining Pledge. 

Q: Will there be reductions for dual membership? 

A:  Because the amount of your pledge is totally voluntary, there is no longer a need for the dual membership category. 

Q:  What if I don’t send back my pledge form by the posted date? 

A:  In that case, your pledge will be entered at 3% over last year’s dues and you will be billed on a quarterly basis.  But we expect that you will meet the deadline. 

Q:  What happens if this system does not bring in sufficient dollars to meet our budget? 

A:  In the event that the Pledge System does not result in sufficient funds to run the synagogue, the Board of Directors may decide to restore the old dues system.  However, we have full confidence that this step will not be necessary.

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