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Our tradition teaches that the righteous of all peoples have a place in the world to come, so that you don’t have to be Jewish “in order to get into Heaven.” Those who wish to enter, however, under the protective wings of the Divine Presence and become part of the Jewish people should contact our rabbi to begin a personalized program of study directed by him.


Such a program would include the following:

1) Taking the Basic Judaism and Hebrew language courses offered at our local Jewish Community Center,

2) Biweekly study sessions and counseling with the rabbi, and

3) Regular attendance at religious services and community events at the synagogue.


The program of study usually last 2 years, though in Judaism one never stops studying.

After the completion of the study program, the candidate for conversion will appear before a rabbinic court arranged by our rabbi. If the rabbinic court finds the candidate’s wishes to join the people of Israel sincere, the required circumcision for a male candidate and immersion in a Mikveh for both male and female candidates will then follow.





Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784