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Kesher Inclusion Core Principles

1. Kesher Inclusion has integrated inclusion and bikur cholim into our synagogue fabric by striving to remove painful isolation and reinforce the importance of every person as a vital member of the synagogue, in the context of Torah and our synagogue mission.

    We try to identify meaningful outreach by connecting our members who are vulnerable to isolation, to worship, learning, and community.

2. We continually survey the landscape of our members who are isolated to identify Kesher needs that a synagogue is uniquely qualified to address.

    At the same time we continually survey the landscape of our congregational family to tap the passions and talents of our members, to address these needs.

3. When members of our community are no longer able to attend our services or programs at our synagogue building due to frailty, disability, or illness, even with a ride, we create programs that are located where they reside.

    If the program would be more meaningful if tailored to their special needs we strive to meet that goal.

    Importantly in both cases of bringing programs to where persons with frailty, disability, or illness reside and creating specially tailored programs, we bring worship, learning, and community to individuals vulnerable to isolation.


    We regularly review our synagogue membership to update our outreach list, to identify meaningful Kesher outreach for members we no longer see in the synagogue, as the result of disability, illness, frailty and loss.

5. Every Beth Tzedek member of every age is a member of Kesher Inclusion, at times providing Kesher services, at times receiving Kesher services.

As our members do this important outreach, there is an amazing benefit to each of us. We see not only how we as "ordinary individuals" can truly make a difference in the lives of our fellow Jews and friends, but we are transformed by being able to do so. We are also afforded the opportunity to come together as a community and know one another on a much more

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784