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"Fountain of Wishes"

Artist's Description

Ellen Steinfeld

Fountain of Wishes
78 x 38 x 20”
Stainless Steel

Leslie Shuman Kramer was an incredible person, dedicated to her community  worldwide and a good friend. I feel honored that one of my sculptures was selected by her family for the Shuman/Temple Beth Tzedek garden.

Several components of the sculpture are symbolic. The vertical scalloped form represents a fountain of water, symbolic of all life, while the hearts are images of love, hopes, and wishes.

Incorporated several times in the “Fountain of Wishes” is the circular image. A form important universally throughout time to all cultures. The circle has an almost spiritual meaning. It is symbolic of no beginning, no end, being whole, timeless, a feeling of totality and a symbol of unity.

To me the circle is also representative of both the female and male form. The base of "Fountain of Wishes”, is a circle and within it another circle emerges as a powerful force birthed from the other.

The universe is represented by the shape of the moon and the two elongated linear shapes, the forces of the world.
Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784