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Rabbi Rich's 'ritings

While director of the University at Buffalo Hillel, before she became our congregational rabbi, Rabbi Rich gave the following divrei Torah as a member of our congregation.





Lech L'cha          


2020 Naso          

2022 Matot

Since becoming our congregational rabbi in 2023, Rabbi Rich's teachings have included:

Divrei Torah

10-13-2023 - Lurianic Creation -The Story for our World This Week

10-14-2023 - Bereshit-Shocked and Not Shocked

Study Sheets

11/4/2023 - Redeeming Captives (for Shabbat)

11/7/2023 - Chayei Sarah (for Lunchtime Torah Express)

11/14/2023 - Toldot (for Lunchtime Torah Express)

11/28/2023 - Vayishlach (for Lunchtime Torah Express)

Jewish Thought of the Week - a guest column in the weekly bulletin of the Buffalo Jewish Federation.

10/20/2023 - When We Saw the Rainbow

Tue, December 5 2023 22 Kislev 5784